I completely understand how you feel about the whole beauty thing. I cut and dye my own hair, and I can actually do really amazing makeup. people keep telling me I should go to beauty school, but I don’t think I’d be able to make it. I think you should go for what you want and don’t let anyone bring you down, and defiantly don’t let yourself bring you down. with the whole nerd thing, I think you should start worrying about yourself and not care about what people may think of you. If someone makes fun of you for being smart then that shows how envious they are of you. Being a nerd is nothing to be ashamed of. It shows you will be getting somewhere in life and they will not.
I used to have really bad self esteem. I still do, but I know that there are more important things in life. I still have a few people who like to talk about me, but that’s apart of being a female. I don’t really know you but I know you are better than what people may think of you. I just went really deep in this comment, but maybe it was needed. I thought I should comment on your post because you commented on mine. 🙂


School is almost over and summer’s almost here. I cannot wait until summer gets here because I can go do things and not have to worry about doing my homework or going to bed to late because I would have school the next morning and didn’t want to be tired. When people are out partying,drinking or smoking. I’m going to be at the beach or going out to eat, going to the movies, not going to be drinking or smoking and not going to act stupid because when you drink, smoke and act stupid doesn’t come out to the best result.

I want to live as long as I can because I still want to do things that I could possibly do and see. Plus I would love to get my career going and having fun doing that because I want to own my own salon. I love doing hair…

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The Blair witch project

The Blair witch project is a movie about an urban legend about a woman named Elly Kedward who did witch craft and was banished to the woods in the middle of the winter. Supposedly children caught her doing witch craft and reported her to their parents. About a year after she was banished to the woods quite a few children had vanished with no explanation. In October of 1994, 3 student filmmakers dissapered in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary. In 1999 a movie was made about this incident.

This specific legend goes as far back as the revolutionary War. Even before the Blair witch became a legend, native Americans refused to go into the Black Hills forest. Many people believe it is just myth, and a way to scare off people and keep children from going into the woods. I think there is a certain truth to what the people have said about the Blair witch.

A man named Rustin Parr committed murders similar to the Blair witches at coffin rock. She killed many people there by cutting them and carving symbols into the bodies. When he was done he said, “I am finally finished.” He showed police where he lived and what had happened. He lived deep in the woods and had murdered children. He told police that a woman told him to do so and when he did it she told him again(a voice) he was free. He was soon hung for what he did.

Another man named Kyle Brody who was institutionalized at MSICL in Maryland showed signs of witch craft as well. He wrote on a wall wording which couldn’t be figured out at first. When they took a closer look they figured out ut was transitus fluvii, the witch craft language. He would say things about a women telling him to do certain things. He was reported to have shouted, “never given!”, which was coincidentally said by Rustin Parr right before he was hung.

Weather or not the legend is true can never be proved, but it sure is interesting that the coincidences connect so well. The Blair witch project sure makes it seem as if these things really happened, and so do the facts, so who knows what really happened. Whatever happened, it was tragic.

slasher movies!!

Anything horror and i’m all over it. Wheather its a real haunted house, a realistic film, or a comical Fearnet/Indie film, I find my self indulging in it. Everyone has flirted with death, but I have an obsession with it (Not saying I want to die or kill someone!) I try to watch at least three new horror films each week. In my head I analyze each one and compare it to other movies that relate. Michael Myers has forever set an everlasting impression in my head. Each slasher film I watch gets compared and critiqued to the original Halloween. Screaming, running and begging for life is in every slasher film, but Michael Myers perfected it. There are no over dramatized seens or recreated deaths (Meaning already seen, not real deaths) which makes it original. I mean, that closet seen when Michael tore through the flimsy doors and attacked the girl was so simple yet designed it blew my mind. Who would think to jam a hanger in a killers eye? Every horror film created after the 2000’s has only contained the bare minimum. Sex, fake, very fake blood, and inevitable deaths due to a dumb blonde tripping in the barely crowded woods and then attempting to crawl away. If i watch a movie and already know then ending by 15 minutes in, it enrages me. The amount of creativity that someone could put into a horror film is endless! All of the gushing blood, creative weapons, torn faces and twisted story plots could make any film an excellent portrayal of the fear in the common everyday person.

Thinking of the first true horror film and some of the latest horror films boggles my mind. Of course I can find technical differences in them, but the relation of the “scaryness” is almost the same. Let’s compare Frankenstein with any modern day monster. Both of them have so many similarities! Both comical yet “frightening.” I don’t understand the point of creating a monster that is funny? Of course Scooby-doo needs a comical feel since children will be watching it, but creating a monster that relates to comedy that has been made for veiwers over the age of 15 is just insane. We want things that will make us dread going to bed at night. We want something that will actually haunt our minds during the day.

A successful horror film director, in my eyes, has no boundries when it comes to fear. Many horror films never include small children and babies being devoured by a horrible beast. Most people would say this would be going to far, but if you are creating a horror film, you need to go to far. People want a movie that makes them relate to their lives, feel happiness and pain, and generally enjoy the film. Maybe soon in the future directors will start incorperating more brutal scenes that really get people in the feels.